Biosecurity for agribusiness

Suggested Steps For Agribusiness Personnel to Improve Biosecurity on Farm Visits

  • Make an appointment
  • Do not interact with animals unless necessary
  • Stay out of feeding and feed storage areas unless necessary
  • Never travel from cow lanes/pens to feeding areas
  • Plan your visit: sample forages first and evaluate cows last
  • Wear freshly laundered coveralls and hat
  • Always disinfect footwear upon arriving and leaving each farm
  • Wash your hands before and after interacting with animals
  • Wear gloves if you need to touch cows’ udders
  • Use footbaths if they are provided
  • Make sure any colleagues who are accompanying you adhere to biosecurity protocols

Be prepared to provide coveralls, boots, and hats for your colleagues

Visitors/Visiting Workers from Foreign Countries

  • Provide clean clothing and footwear for visitors who will have contact with your animals
  • Visitors from countries where Foot and Mouth Disease is endemic must disinfect clothing before visiting
  • Visitors from countries where Foot and Mouth Disease is endemic must avoid ALL contact with both livestock and wildlife for 14 days prior to visiting a US farm
  • If you will travel to another country, follow these guidelines yourself 


  • Disinfectants cannot work in the presence of organic matter (feed, manure, etc.)
  • When cleaning animal areas or equipment, remove all organic matter by sweeping, washing, scraping, etc. prior to disinfecting
  • For best disinfecting results, thoroughly wash areas with a cleaning solution prior to disinfecting
  • Thorough cleaning can remove 85-95% of microbes


  • If you work directly with animals, disinfect your equipment between animals, groups and farms

Cameras, computers, and other personal items can be wiped with a bleach disinfecting solution should they become contaminated with feed, manure, saliva, etc.

  • Disinfecting should begin only after surfaces are clean and dry
  • Disinfecting procedures should

Start at the top of the item to be disinfected and work down

Ensure that disinfectant solution runs off all the surfaces

  • Allow disinfected surfaces to dry before using
  • Suggested disinfectant for Foot and Mouth Disease

1 ounce of household bleach per gallon of water

2.5 ounces of household bleach per gallon of water for soiled surfaces such as boots

Pest Control

  • Keep your dog at home - Do not allow dogs to accompany you on farm visits