Labor Management in Agriculture: Cultivating Personnel Productivity

This book is an effort to present practical, sound, research-based ideas hopefully leading to the improved management of human resources on the farm.

Labor Management in Agriculture: Cultivating Personnel Productivity (2nd Edition, 2003). National Winner Award, National Association for County Agricultural Agents (NACAA), 2006. The first edition was sold out in December 1999, with copies distributed into six continents since its publication in September 1994. The free electronic version will further facilitate its distribution. Deluxe hard cover editions in English (2nd edition) and Spanish (International edition) were printed in July 2003

Printing of this book is permitted by university faculty, educators, consultants, or others who wish to adopt Labor Management in Agriculture as a text for their course or seminar, or make it otherwise available, as long as: (1) the author and the University of California are credited; (2) no changes are made in the text; (3) this copyright notice is included; (4) there is no charge to students or participants for the materials (beyond the costs of duplication); and 5) you send an E-mail request along with your name, University or other affiliation, and course or seminar title to Gregorio Billikopf.

Prefatory materials

Chapter 1 - Managing People on the Farm

Chapter 2 - Practical Steps to Employee Selection

Chapter 3 - Validating the Selection Process

Chapter 4 - Promotions, Transfers & Layoffs

Chapter 5 - Helping Workers Acquire Skills

Chapter 6 - Performance Appraisal

Chapter 7 - Internal Wage Structure

Chapter 8 - Incentive Pay

Chapter 9 - Supervisory Power

Chapter 10 - Delegation

Chapter 11 - Conducting Effective Meetings

Chapter 12 - Interacting With Employees

Chapter 13 - Conflict Management Skills

Chapter 14 - Discipline

Chapter 15 - Termination

Chapter 16 - Turnover

Chapter 17 - Personnel Policies

Chapter 18 - Creative Negotiation


Gregorio Billikopf

Gregorio Billikopf
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Gregorio Billikopf is a Labor Management Farm Advisor with the University of California and Visiting Professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Chile.

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