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  1. Using alternative feed ingredients in the dairy cow diet » 1/31/2013 Authors: staff
    Keywords: feeding, ration formulation, feed price
  2. Hiring top-notch farm labor means digging deep » 1/30/2013 Authors: staff
    Keywords: personnel, management
  3. Replacing nitrogen fertilizer by biological nitrogen fixation could lower the carbon footprint of pasture-based milk production » 1/29/2013 Authors: staff
    Keywords: nitrogen, fertilizer, carbon footprint, life cycle assessment
  4. Hourly and seasonal variations in the area preferences of dairy cows in free stall housing » 1/28/2013 Authors: staff
    Keywords: behavior, cow comfort, housing, free stall use index, cow stress index
  5. Cow herd management planning for spring calving herd » 1/25/2013 Authors: staff
    Keywords: ration formulation, BCS, calf management, calf nutrition
  6. Scarcity and degradation of land and water: growing threat to food security » 1/23/2013 Authors: Monica Wadsworth
    Keywords: sustainability, water
  7. Calves in cold weather » 1/21/2013 Authors: Monica Wadsworth
    Keywords: calf management, calf health, calf nutrition
  8. World milk and feed prices from IFCN » 1/18/2013 Authors: Monica Wadsworth
    Keywords: milk price, feed price
  9. Fresh cows experience low blood calcium more than previously thought » 1/10/2013 Authors: staff
    Keywords: milk fever, hypocalcemia
  10. Most popular on in 2012 » 12/31/2012 Authors: Monica Wadsworth

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