Every day millions of dairy animals are milked, fed and maintained by DeLaval solutions in more than 100 countries worldwide – and DeLaval meets with over 10 000 milk producers on their farms. 

DeLaval has over 125 years of innovation and experience in the dairy business, supporting dairy farmers in managing their farms their way. Our Sustainable Dairy Farming initiative is contributing to the production of more quality food, for more people, with less impact on the environment. Our Smart Farming strategy aims at influencing and shaping the future of dairy farming today. The goal is to accelerate the transition from milking management to global farm profitability management by harnessing emerging decision tools and automation technologies for better quality milk and profits.

Articles from DeLaval

  1. The realities of robotic milking technology today » 8/21/2012 Authors: Francisco Rodriguez
    Keywords: milking equipment, AMS, automation
  2. Key Messages for an Efficient Udder Preparation Routine » 8/13/2012 Authors: Xavier Goossens, Marianna Gentilini, Mario Lopez-Benavides, Thomas C. Hemling
    Keywords: milking routines, milk quality
  3. Rising costs demand smarter farming » 7/31/2012 Authors: Christian Poggensee
    Keywords: sustainability, farm management
  4. Foot bathing in the hoof health management » 3/17/2004 Authors: J. Durkin, Pablo Janowicz, Thomas C. Hemling
    Keywords: lameness, claw health, footbath
  5. A review of: Streptococcus uberis: Environmental or contagious pathogen? » 4/29/2003 Authors: Winston Ingalls
    Keywords: mastitis, infection, bacteria
  6. A review of: The effect of management style on udder health » 5/21/2003 Authors: Winston Ingalls
    Keywords: mastitis, udder health, SCC
  7. Mycoplasma Species and Mastitis » 12/19/2001 Authors: Winston Ingalls
    Keywords: mastitis, infection, hygiene, bacteria, teat dipping, mycoplasma
  8. Efficacy of a teat sealant with no germicide, applied on pre-calving cows in grassing system » 4/27/2003 Authors: Carlos N. Corbellini, Mauricio Benzaquen, Monica Weinmaier, Carlos A. Introzzi, Pablo Janowicz
    Keywords: mastitis, infection, dry cow, bacteria, teat sealants
  9. Review of 2004 national mastitis council meeting » 3/1/2004 Authors: Winston Ingalls
    Keywords: mastitis, dry cow, antibiotics, udder health, heat stress, milk quality, SCC, teat condition, CMT
  10. Dry cow teat sealants » 1/24/2002 Authors: F. Sérieys, M. Henderson, Thomas C. Hemling
    Keywords: mastitis, infection, dry cow, antibiotics, hygiene, bacteria, teat sealants

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