Global milk production can grow by up to 20 million tons in 2011

This is one key outcome of the 12th IFCN (International Farm Comparison Network) Dairy Conference held in Kiel, Germany, the 6th to 8th June 2011.

Dairy economists from 45 countries have participated in IFCN Dairy Conference, representing 84% of world milk production.
So far 91 countries participate in the annual IFCN work. These countries represent 97% of world milk production.

Key findings

Milk production growth 2011/12 can reach new record highs of + 20 mill t/year


- In 2010 milk production grew 11.8 mill. t (cow/buffalo milk, standardised 4% fat, 3.3% protein)

- In the crisis year 2009 milk production grew only 4.1 mill. t.

- In 2005 to 2010 world milk production grew in average by 11.7 mill. t / year.

- In 2011 and also 2012 good milk prices can lead to a growth of up to 20 mill. t milk per year.

IFCN 2011 Ranking of the top 21 milk processors


- The top 21 dairy companies process 24% of world milk production.

- No. 1 milk processor in the world is Fonterra which processes 3% of the world milk.

- No. 2 to 5 are: Dairy Farmers of America, Nestlé, Dean Foods, Royal Friesland Campina.

- Compared to the IFCN ranking from 2009 there was no mayor change in the ranks 1 to 10.

- Via mergers Nordmilch & Humana and Sodial & Entremont alliance have improved their rank.

- In Asia the companies Mengniu, Yili and Amul gained position via strong growth in milk intake.

- Milk processors in the USA showed stable milk intake and lost positions in this ranking.

IFCN strategy to be “The leading, global knowledge organization in milk production”


The research partners in the network have agreed to implement a new strategy to reach the vision to be the leading, global knowledge organization in milk production. This new strategy provides a better base to support local dairy stakeholders creating dairy development strategies. Moreover, it enables the IFCN to better serve the needs of the global dairy industry as a whole. The very unique intranet platform, formally introduced the 8th of June, allows a much faster and deeper exchange of information in the network (for details see Annexes 1 & 2).

The new IFCN Dairy Report 2011 will be released in October


The IFCN Dairy Report 2011 will be available in October 2011 and will cover the topics described above in much more depth. Results of the 2011 IFCN work will be also presented at the IDF world dairy summit in Italy. For details on the IFCN and its researcher and company partnerships please visit our website or contact .

The IFCN World Dairy Map 2011 was released (details see Annex 3)

Download the press release (pdf) here