World milk production and exports/imports

World milk production increases. Among the exporting countries, Argentina, New Zealand and Uruguay increased their production significantly compared to last year same period, with +12,62%, +10,04% and +19,50% respectively. Within the group importing countries Brazil and Mexico showed a modest increase in production, with +3,15% and +0,42% respectively.

 Cheese production increases in the two major production countries,


 Cheese prices are stable, both at a European and an internationl level.

 Fluctuation in prices on internatinal and European Skim Milk Powder.

 Currently whey protein concentrate prices are higher than SMP prices.

Dairy product imports increase in particular in Central & South America and South East Asia.

SMP exports January to October 2011 are up 32% in Europe and up 15% in the US.


European Skim Milk Powder exports in October are up 94%. New countries have imported large volumes from Europe, for example South Korea and Thailand.


 SMP imports: China and Mexico have sharply increased their imports.

Positive Whole Milk Powder export trend on acumulative basis from January to October 2011. 

Cheese export from January to October 2011 up by 4,46%, with a big gap in the US and in Argentina.

 The US exports increased sharply to Mexico and South Korea, whereas Argentina's exports increased to Brazil. 

 Source: CLAL web site


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