Mastitis and milk management - Weekly article series

New articles in the weekly series on Mastitis and milk management on the UW Milk quality web site. The latest articles discuss treatment decisions for managing clinical mastitis, the role of milking equipment in mastitis, and teat disinfectons.

The introduction from the UQ Milk Quality web site:

Introducing Weekly Series on Mastitis and Milk Management

"We will be featuring the “Dairy Cattle Mastitis and Milk Management” Series from Dairy eXtension with new articles posted every week. eXtenision is an online resource where researchers from land-grant universities gather and produce new educational materials on wide-ranging agricultural topics. Join us each week as we share and discuss issues on mastitis and milking management.

Why Mastitis?

Mastitis in dairy cattle can result in potential losses in milk production, milk income, and milk quality bonuses. Understanding the many aspects of dairy cattle mastitis can lead to more effective prevention and treatment strategies.

Some of these publications will also be available in Spanish for Spanish-speaking workers and managers. If there is a Spanish version, there will be a link at the top of the article.

Week One: A Practical Look at Contagious Mastitis
from National Mastitis Council

Week Two: A Practical Look at Environmental Mastitis
from National Mastitis Council

Week Three: Best Management Practices to Reduce Mastitis and Improve Milk Quality
by Stephen P. Oliver, The University of Tennessee

Week Four: Cleaning and Sanitizing Milking Equipment
by G.M. Jones, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Week Five: Collection and Preparation of Milk Samples for Microbiological Culturing
by Jeffrey M. Bewley, Robert J. Harmon, and Stephan Locke, University of Kentucky

Week Six: Are U.S. Dairy Farms Ready for a Drop in the SCC Legal Limit?
by Stephen C. Nickerson, University of Georgia

Week Seven: Dry Cow Therapy
from National Mastitis Council

Week Eight: Mastitis Detection, Prevention and Control in Dairy Replacement Heifers
by Stephen C. Nickerson, University of Georgia and William E. Owens, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

Week Nine: How Milk Quality is Assessed
by Stephen P. Oliver, The University of Tennessee

Week Ten: Making Better Treatment Decisions for Managing Clinical Mastitis
Pamela L. Ruegg, University of Wisconsin

Week Eleven: The Role of Milking Equipment in Mastitis
by G.M. Jones, Virginia Tech

Week Twelve: Teat Disinfection Facts
by NMC