Webinar on dairy industry's impact on climate and air quality

If you missed the webinar with Dr Frank Mitloehner from UC Davis and John Fiscalini, dairy farmer from California, where they discussed dairy farming, climate change and air quality, you can still view it online and their presentations can be downloaded.

Dr. Frank Mitloehner discussed the most recent scientific findings as they relate to the impacts of dairy industry on environmental quality. He also summarized recent national and regional efforts to quantify and mitigate emissions, but also the latest developments in the area of dairies and air quality regulation and litigation. John Fiscalini, a California dairy producer, discussed the more practical aspects of these issues.

View the recorded webinar here>>

View and download Frank Mitloehner's presentation here

View and download John Fiscalini's presentation here

You can read a summary of Mitloehner's and Place's review of the dairy industry's role in climate change and the potential of mitigation through improved efficiency here>>

You can also find an interview with John Fiscalini in the Dairy Farms section>>


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