The economic importance of dairying

Dairy is a universal agricultural production: people milk dairy animals in almost every country across the world, and up to one billion people live on dairy farms. It is a vital part of the global food system and it plays a key role in the sustainability of rural areas in particular.

It is a well-known fact that the dairy industry actively contributes to the economies of a number of communities, regions and countries. An increasing demand worldwide is noticeably emerging at present, and the industry is globalizing, thus increasing the scope and intensity of the global dairy trade. However, the question of how and on what criteria we can objectively assess the economic benefits of the dairy sector still remains.

The following factsheet aims to summarize the different aspects of dairy economy, as attested by multiple existing, comprehensive data sources. Economic dairy benefits can be assessed from the point of view of: production of milk and dairy products, trade and employment.

Download the factsheet 'The economic benefits of dairying' from IDF (International Dairy Federation) here