Prosperous New Year!

In Spanish they wish each other a Prosperous New Year at the end of the year. We have listed the most popular articles on in 2011, and since the start in 2000. Hopefully these articles from the dairy experts around the world have been helpful in making decisions on farm, creating prosperity. We look forward to sharing more interesting and useful articles with you in 2012. Próspero Año Nuevo!

Most popular articles in 2011

  1. Cow comfort: 15) Milking »
  2. Digestive physiology of the cow
  3. Milking machine use and maintenance
  4. Milk composition changes during mastitis
  5. Management guidelines for pasture-based AMS farms
  6. How is milk production changing in the world?
  7. Barn layout affects milk yield
  8. On farm HACCP for milk production
  9. Cow comfort - Introduction »
  10. Milk Quality

Most popular articles since 2000

  1. Cow comfort: Milking 29541 views
  2. Sexed semen economics 25998 views
  3. Best management practices for dairy goat farmers 24644 views
  4. Direct comparison of natural service vs. timed AI: reproductive efficiency and economics 23894 views
  5. Cow comfort - Introduction 23805 views
  6. Sexed semen: Is it finally a reality? 23611 views
  7. Cow comfort: 6) Reproduction 22574 views
  8. Climate change and Rift Valley fever - Has global warming increased the risk of an outbreak? 22422 views
  9. Cystic ovarian disease 21193 views
  10. Preparing an odor management plan 21152 views

Dairy farm interviews

Folsberga farm - Sweden

Don Mateo, Argentina - Knowing the value of knowledge

Brännfors Lantbruk, Sweden - Expanding and remaining in control

Giulieta Farm - Italy

Havamäki farm- Finland

La Montaña - Mexico

Resources around a specific area

Transition cows

Milk Quality

Automation and new technology

Hoof care resources

Heat stress  


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