Most read articles in 2013

Most read articles during 2013 were a mix of looking inside the cow, with 'digestive physiology' scoring high, and looking at the cows' surroundings, with 'cow comfort' scoring highest. Automatic milking, nutrition, calf management and farm profitaibilty also made the top 20 list.

Digestive physiology of the cow  5827 views

The stomach of the dairy cow  3994 views

Robotic Milking: Farm test - the cow's time spent in the milking robot 3277 views

Cow comfort: 15) Milking 2673 views

Rumen microbiology 2526 views

Profitability of dairy farms expected to decline significantly in 2012 2390 views

Automatic milking – Common practice on dairy farms 2212 views

Cow comfort: 9) Resting 2021 views

Feeds and nutrition 1981 views

Milk composition changes 1826 views

Cow comfort – Introduction 1688 views

Rumen fistula surgery 1528 view

Scouring calves: Oral rehydration 1522 views 

Dairy farm energy efficiency 1369 views

Non-fiber carbohydrates 1359 views

Opportunities for improved cow comfort through freestall barn renovations 1358 views

Cow comfort: 12) Feeding 1355 views

Calves that won’t nurse 1214 views

Report reveals a positive global dairy outlook – World Dairy Situation 2011 1194 views

Torp Farm – Sweden 1164 views


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