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The most read articles on in 2012 is a mix of articles about cow physiology, cow comfort, automatic milking and dairy industry reports. What did you read? Did you find what you were loooking for? Let us know!

If there is information about milk production that you have looked for but now found, or if you have suggestions or ideas for the web site, please let me know by using the Comment field at the bottom of the page.

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Most read articles in 2012

Cow comfort: 15) Milking   5174 views

Digestive physiology of the cow   4739 views

FAO Food Outlook report 2011  3664 views

Robotic Milking: Farm test - the cow's time spent in the milking robot 3340 views

Automatic milking - Common practice on dairy farms 3324 views

Report reveals a positive global dairy outlook 3125 views

Rumen microbiology 2902 views

Milk composition changes during mastitis  2781 views

The stomach of the dairy cow  2570 views

Cow comfort: 9) Resting 2469 views

Dairy farm energy efficiency 2084 views

Transition cow metabolic problems 1761 views

Scouring calves: Oral rehydration solutions, or electrolytes 1727 views

Opportunities for improved cow comfort through freestall barn renovations 1882 views

Controlling milk somatic cell count levels 1729 views

Most read articles since 2000

Controlling milk somatic cell count levels 41914 views

Automatic milking: Experience and development in Europe 39623 views

Standard operating procedures: Achieving high performance 39382 views

Cow comfort: 15) Milking 38473 views

Management troubleshooting 34546 views

Milk composition changes during mastitis 34490 views

Managing the change to a robotic milking system 31858 views

Sexed semen economics 29843 views

Cow comfort - Introduction 28712 views

Cow comfort: 6) Reproduction  27585 views

Best management practices for dairy goat farmers 27495 views

Transition cow metabolic problems  26479 views

Sexed semen: Is it finally a reality?  26451 views

Dairy lighting system for tie stall barns  26388 views

Direct comparison of natural service vs. timed AI: reproductive efficiency and economics 26205 views


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