Herd Navigator savings calculation

At one of the farms that are using the Herd Navigator system they have saved $322 (EUR 223) per cow during the first year. This means that the pay back time for the investment was less than 18 months. The savings are calculated on Reproduction, Ketosis, Mastitis and Feed efficiency improvements.

Reproduction – savings

  • Improved heat detection rate
  • Time saved for heat detection
  • Uniform heat detection 365 days a year
  • Improved monitoring of follicle cysts
  • Improved monitoring of lutein cysts
  • Fewer culled cows due to better cyst detection
  • Value of rapid detection of early embryonic death and early abortion
  • Fewer manual pregnancy tests

Total $194 (EUR 134) per cow

Ketosis - savings

  • Fewer culled cows due to ketosis
  • Reduced yield due to clinical and subclinical ketosis
  • Reduction in treatment costs
  • Less (or fewer) empty days due to ketosis

Total: $42 (EUR 29) per cow

Mastitis – savings

  • Increase of milk yield due to less clinical mastitis cases
  • Fewer culled cows due to mastitis
  • Less discarded milk due to less and mild treatments
  • Medicine cost reduction due to less severe mastitis cases
  • Veterinary cost reduction due to less severe mastitis cases
  • Fewer empty days due to less clinical mastitis

Total: $72 (EUR 50) per cow

Urea - savings

  • Improved feed efficiency

Total: $14 (EUR 10) per cow


TOTAL savings per cow per year:

$322 (EUR 223)

Result for 285 cows: $91 993 (EUR 63 555)


Basic information (input from farmer, in Northern Europe)

  • Total number of cows                                             285
  • Herd milk yield/305 days, kilos                          10 616
  • Culling rate %                                                           38
  • Contribution margin for milk, per kilo $0.27 (EUR 0.19)
  • Hourly wages for own work                    $38 (EUR 26)


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