Finding that ketosis in time

One of the main benefits of monitoring the cows with Herd Navigator is that the ketosis cases are found in time, before the cows show clinical symptoms, and can be treated early. “Treating the cows while they are still eating has a miraculous effect,” says Olav Noergaard, veterinarian from Denmark.

Olav Noergaard from Denmark has been a veterinarian for 26 years, and during the last twenty years he has worked with a farm where they now have started using a Herd Navigator to monitor their cows’ health and nutritional status.

According to Olav this is a completely different way of working as a veterinarian. Now he can check the Herd Navigator lists on the computer at home, before he goes out to the farm, and see which cows he has to take a closer look at. He sees many possibilities with this system.

Even though they had very good reproduction status on this farm before they started using the Herd Navigator, Olav says that the pregnancy control is very accurate with the Herd Navigator. They have an insemination rate of 70% and a pregnancy rate of 50%.

He admits that both the farmer and the veterinarian need to be a little bit of a computer nerd to work in this manner, they need to be interested in using computers.

Olav says that it is quite difficult to be an all-round supervisor on the dairy farms today. He thinks that automatic milking has a lot of potential that we haven’t managed to take advantage of yet, and that will make it easier to keep control of the farm operation.


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