Do you know how much mastitis is costing you?

Do you know how much mastitis is costing every year? Jeffrey Bewley, University of Kentucky extension dairy specialist, has developed a tool to help you calculate the economic impact of mastitis due to lost milk production. Individual farm data can be entered to calculate losses, and a dashboard shows you what’s happening in your herd.

This UK Milk Quality Economic Opportunity Dashboard calculates the economic opportunities for increased revenues through increased milk quality bonuses and increased milk production associated with lowering SCC. The economic opportunity most producers think of first is the increased milk price resulting from quality bonuses paid by milk buyers for lower SCC. However, in many cases, the largest economic opportunity comes from reduced milk production resulting from higher SCC. Cows that have a higher SCC simply do not produce as much milk as those with a lower SCC because of long-term damage to milk secretory cells.

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