Dairy market at a glance - Oct 2011

Milk production in the EU, New Zealand and the Americas for January to October 2011 has increased between +0.53% (Australia) and +18.03% (Uruguay) compared to the same period last year. No increase in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states due to high costs.Source: CLAL.it



New Zealand: strong increase (+12.10%) in the first half of 2011/2012 dairy season due to favourable weather conditions and good milk pricing.

Australia: (+0.53%) the dairy season started slowly in the first half of the new campaign, mainly due to herd growth problems.


US: (+1.59%) increase in the number of milk cow and in the average cow yield, however the corn price increase has adjusted the trend projections.

Argentina (+14.63%), Brazil (+3.32%) and Uruguay (+18.02%): good farm gate milk prices encourage the milk production.


EU-27: (+2.11%) some countries are preparing for 2015 when the quota system will be abolished.

Eastern Europe and Baltic Countries: there is no expansion in production due to high costs.

Italia: good production performance thank you to steady milk price at farm gate level.

Prices and Stocks (Ton)

SMP, WMP and Cheese prices are slightly decreasing, but are higher than 2010 and 2009.

Butter prices continue to be steady, mainly due to the low stock available both in Europe and in the US.

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