Dairy farming and social media

Few people today have a connection to food and milk production, and they know little about how milk is produced. To resolve this, several programs have been launched to help dairy producers communicate with consumers and the media about modern dairy farming.

One example is a training program for producers called Telling Your Story, which is developed by Dairy Management Inc.™ (DMI) in the US. It consists of five modules, where one of them, myDairy, gives dairy farmers advice on how to use social media to tell their story. 

Another example is DairyFarmingToday.com, a web site from Dairy Farmers of America, with dairy facts, interactive games, Ask the farmer and Farmer Spotlights.

There is also a new web-based resource from the Center for Food Integrity (CFI). It’s called the Farmer Resource Center and it serves as a resource for farmers to actively respond to issues or misinformation in the media, or to join the national conversation on food-related topics. Through this program, farmers serve as a “voice of agriculture” for situations that call for those involved in modern agriculture to “set the record straight” through immediate and thorough response. The site offers messaging, materials, and best practices for engaging with consumers.

These tools help creating a strong, positive online presence for the dairy industry to counter negative, uninformed attacks and maintain public confidence in dairy foods and the people who produce them.

Research shows that communicating with the public about today’s modern dairy farms helps create a positive image of producers and the industry, and agricultural organizations and producers should get involved in social media to get a positive agricultural message out to the consumers. A number of dairy farms are already online with a blog or a web site, you can find links to some of them below.


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