Frank van Eerdenburg

Frank van Eerdenburg

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Frank van Eerdenburg teaches animal welfare and adaptation of farm animals. As a consultant he advises dairy farmers in the field of housing and ventilation.

Frank van Eerdenburg received his DVM in 1986 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and achieved his PhD in Veterinary Medicine in 1991on his thesis: Postnatal development of some nuclei in the pig hypothalamus: a morphometric and immunocytochemical study. He did two post doctoral projects at the University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada and at Yale University, New Haven, USA in 1991 – 1992.

Working on the neuro-physiology of the rat and the development of the hypothalamus of the monkey, resp. In 1993 he started as associate professor at the department of Farm Animal Health of the Veterinary Faculty in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

He taught animal husbandry of cattle, sheep and horses until 2003. His research has focused on oestrous behaviour and detection in dairy cattle. Currently, welfare and the behaviour of dairy cattle are the primary topics of research.

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