Vision is a web site where the reference library with its easy accessible information about all main areas of the dairy business and its analysis of new research on various fields is the main attraction. is a place where people involved in milk production can find information that will help them make better business decisions.

Mission Statement for

The production of milk is a complex bio-technical process requiring ever increasing knowledge in numerous areas of competence, such as animal health and nutrition, engineering, enterprise management and financing.

Growing demands on productivity and sophistication have increased the size of dairy operations as well as the amount of money and risk involved. will strive to make new and relevant information available in an easily accessible form. plans to become a mechanism for the sharing of knowledge between leading scientists/advisors and milk producers/dairy farmers. initially served medium to large sized dairy farms in temperate climates, mainly in the area of dairy nutrition, but has increasingly widened its scope geographically as well as content-wise to cover milk production globally.

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